Hello, Hello, Hello Beautiful people who took the time out to check me out. Thank You!

Lost in the Blu is a travel blog but (because I can’t wanderlust at every earth-giving day) I will be dabbing a bit on a bunch of other things and trying to share as much good content as I can remember to without this baby getting “put in the corner”.

Like most, I want to journal and publicly log my journeys. I also want to do my part in supporting plus size travel. I get lots of questions from plus size people who would love to get around but not quite sure how accommodating the “other side” is.

So, Why “Lost in the Blu?”, and the meaning of my blog name…

Well, (drop a beat)

Heeeere we gooo (in my Slick Rick voice)
Once upon a time back in 2k7
Came across this little island on a map called heaven
Not really heaven; more like a paradise
So I booked me a flight and I didn’t think twice
Summer came
From there life had changed
My plane landed in this city called Montego Bay

(I swear to you I have no rap skills but this was a random freestyle that I recorded off the whim. *shrugs* I thought it was dope. (clears throat) Mix tape coming out soon!)


I’m done goofing

Lost in the Blu

To wander in

I came up with “Lost in the Blu” because blue is my favorite color; blue of all shades.

I’ve never really had a favorite color until my very 1st international vacation which was in 2007 to Jamaica. The sky, the water, I was in “awe”. I never get in beach water in the U.S. I can’t see my feet. And since there is nothing appealing about green and brown water… (insert boujie stank face, here)

No matter where get lost there is always a blue skies, blue water; (well at least that’s usually what my ideal vacation spot looks like) whether I’m flying in them or floating in it. (I can’t swim); blue sets he vibe for me.

It’s a powerful & mystic color. The various shades of blue can set the mood and give different vibes. The only color in nature that can gives energy. From dark/midnight blue, Royal blue, sky/baby blue, Turquoises- Blue gives life!

In addition to that-

Wherever my wanderlust soul takes me, it gets lost.