somewhere in atlanta

I’m that girl who is     p a s s i o n a t e about seeing the world even if I have to go at it alone, AND- if I had to live out of my suitcase to do so…. In that 4 seconds I just mentally packed my entire place in storage. “ya! I did.” 
There is about packing & going that excites me. There is nothing that I’m more passionate about than seeing the world.

If I was told I could never travel again, I know for a fact I’d go into a depression state, and that would be a journey I definitely would not want to take. I could seriously live out of my suitcase if I could see the world without cost being a factor. I have just mentally packed up my whole house and threw it in storage at this thought. It truly is the one thing that makes me content.

I really can’t understand how people can be okay with never exploring outside of their city or state. It’s like sitting in a cage and walking in circles. If only, I’m going somewhere for an overnight stay, I have already mentally packed my bags before the official arrangements have been made. I cant be the only one who has this obsession.

See the world in a lifetime,

In the words of Bob Marley “satisfy my soul”


Kblu, daydreamer