Activate Your “ING”

Embrace the Power of the “ING”

Simply put, Just do it. The power behind the “ING” means to constantly add to the quality of your life or improving the quality of your life. Your life’s resume should be never-ending. Same as your professional resume there should be an objective, such as experiences, skills, education, descriptive, and so forth. It doesn’t have to be written on paper and formatted like a professional resume, just existing.

I remember being a teenager and writing down everything I wanted to do with myself, whether it was realistic or not. After rereading what I wrote I realized that a lot of the things on my list ended in “ING”. I remember thinking to myself “from now on anything that is positive that ends in “ING”, I’m doing it”. Why not?! I started making myself do things I normally wouldn’t do. I am very much an introvert but am forcing myself out of it.

Anyway, the idea is to do something you’ve never done, going somewhere you’ve never been before. Raising your vibrations & frequency to another…

Try experiencing; even if you have to go at it alone. You have to!  (keep waiting for people and you will never get there)

Embarking on a new business venture because you’re current situation needs an upgrade.

Even if it’s not a new business maybe it’s:

Traveling, Seeing someplace you read or heard about, Writing, Changing, Updating, Learning a new language, Dancing, (being the introvert that I am never would have taken an interest in dance but I love Belly dancing!), Evolving, Teaching (on a topic you are knowledgeable & passionate about), Educating (yourself), Being, Living… I’m sure you get the point.

-One of the most insulting things someone can say to you is that you are “still” the same person.

Can you imagine not seeing a friend or family member for however many years you have been separated from them and hearing them say “You haven’t changed not one bit?” Of course they may not mean it in a salty way but trust me, It is not a compliment! You should not be the same person you were 1, 4, or 10 years ago. (to be honest, I don’t want to be the same person I was 3 months ago). That means you are not doing something with yourself. It’s healthy. Exercise your brain, get your blood pumping.

Right now, I am inspiring, someone. That makes me smile.

By all means, EXPERIENCE, and get yourself a dose of vitamin “ING.”


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